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Dealers are a vital part of the Sherrod ecosystem, and our team is always focused on what we can offer to help you build a successful custom sales program.

At each stage from ordering to delivery, we believe in building lasting relationships with our dealers.

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The Sherrod brand has long been associated with high-quality upfitting, delivering some of the most unique and eye-catching designs in the world. Our close partnerships with major vehicle manufacturers mean we have exclusive access to base vehicles, allowing us the freedom to create true artwork with fine craftsmanship from our teams.

Each of our designs can be 100% financed and floor planned, reducing the risk for our dealers and providing you with a way to differentiate your dealership from the competition.

Our new dealership support structure allows us to provide lightning-fast responses and exceptional support at each stage of the process. Contact us today to see how you can boost earnings and offer unique designs to your customers!